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Filmmaking pioneer, homeopath rebel, adventurer, rapper, father, fiddler, and lover of life; John Board has worn many hats in his 79 years on this planet.

The opening of John’s documentary feature
“Me, the bees and cancer “ Cinema at 608 College St. W on Friday June 21st.

This first night will be a fund raiser for The Actors Fund that provides money for those in need in the Entertainment community.

An Invitation to the Premier

The ticket price for the opening will be $20.
Normal admission of $10 will apply to all other showings in the run.

 Buy tickets Online Now

Read all about in The Toronto Star article



Of all the hats he’s worn, John is best known in Canada’s film circles. As one of our preeminent first assistant directors, John has worked with some of Canada’s, and the world’s most renowned filmmakers: Louis Malle, Norman Jewison, Alan King, Sturla Gunnarson, Philip Borsos, and perhaps most notably, David Cronenberg who has collaborated with John on many of his films. Throughout the years John has crossed paths with such distinguished acting talents as Sophia Loren, Ann Bancroft, Jeff Goldbloom, Geena Davis, Genevieve Bujold, Jeremy Irons, Richard Harris, Peter Weller, Judy Davis, James Woods, Deborah Harris, Christopher Plummer, Susan Sarandon, Burt Lancaster, Christopher Walkin, Gabriel Byrne, Mila Jovovich and countless others. His feature films include: Some of the features he has helped create as an assistant are, Atlantic City, Agrnes of God, Termini Station, Grey Fox, and several Cronenberg films including Naked Lunch, The Dead Zone, VIdeodrome, The Fly and M Butterfly. He produced Henry And Verlin which won more than 20 awards world wide.

Ask anyone for an anecdote from one of John’s sets, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear about John Board’s Hollywood Survival Kit. After launching in 2002, This homeopathic remedy kit was distributed worldwide via the web and has helped more than one actor, crew member or producer cure a headache, relieve stage fright and much more. As part of his quest to make us healthier, John has embraced the blogosphere, the web and even rap music, posting several videos of himself promoting the kit and homeopathy on Youtube.

In the fall of 2010 John Board was diagnosed with Lymphoma. John is facing the challenge with the energy, wisdom and courage. He is undaunted in this part of his life journey to keep his work in film active, his quest to herald alternative health paradigms and his own discoveries of how to cure himself. me, the bees and cancer is a testament to all this.


Film Credits

Executive Producers
Ingrid Veninger
Stacey Donen

John Board
Jim Donovan

Gratefully acknowledging the assistance of
Morley Markson

John Board
Hector Centeno
Jim Donovan (2010)

Hector Centeno

John Board

Hector Centeno (2012)
Jim Donovan (2010)

Hector Centeno

Sound Design
Hector Centeno

Re-recording Mixer
Alex Aslund
Theatre D Digital

John Board
On Camera Interviews
Stefan Board
David Cronenberg
Don Downs
Derek Kernohan
Jennifer Stock
Zack Shaw
Don Downs Apitherapy Clinic patients
Marsha Chapman, Gary Gorton, Frank Rickett,
Cheryl Krueger, Geoff Stults, Drew McAuliffe
Mindy East, Norma Downs, Dawn Molnar, Donna Knight,
Bronson the dog

Ingrid Hamilton, GAT PR

Special Thanks
Boards Honey Farm
Dan Peel
Theatre D Digital
Carlos Herrara
Jennifer Renaud

Henry Board
Simon Board

Outline Editor
Heather Rappaport

Rap Crew
Produced by Sussex Productions
Directed and Edited by Jake Kovnat
Cinematography Maya Bankovic
Lyrics John Board, Jake Kovnat
Music Mike Gonek
Graphic Design Morley Markson
Assistant to the production Igor Szczurko
Equipped by Rinku DasGupta,
PS Production Services

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